With all the problems of post war, and developing country environment, the needs were great for the people of Liberia. Gary Winters, founder of God’s Precious Children, knows this firsthand. During Gary’s trips to Liberia starting in 1998, he saw the great desire that young people had to go to school. He felt that they really wanted to learn, but with unemployment at about 85% it was all most parents could do to put food on the table for their families. An education was and is a coveted luxury.

Quickly, people began asking Gary and his wife Deb to pay for their children’s school fees. He noticed how little it was if he paid for one or two students, but once 40 parents were knocking on his door, he was extremely discouraged. He then began to dream, if only people back home could see this great need, I am sure there would be lots of excitement around helping to sponsor these children.

He discussed these thoughts with a close Liberian friend and together they began to lay the groundwork for the Tuition Sponsorship Program (TSP) (include hyperlink to Tuition sponsorship page). The TSP started in 2000 with 135 students. He carried their pictures and information back to the US and, with help from some of his missionary friends, found sponsors that would pay one year of tuition for these students. 

The TSP has grown into a non-profit 501 (c)(3) called God’s Precious Children and is now helping close to 1,200 students a year, attend school or stay in school. As of 2020 through God’s Precious Children, the TSP has supported (find number of how many students TSP has supported). When people thank Gary for how much he has done for the children and families in Bong County, Liberia his first response is always, “It was God, not me, we give God all of the glory.”

God’s Precious Children has expanded from just the TSP program to conducting teacher training workshops, renovating schools and education facilities, and embarking on new endeavors to help schools become more sustainable. 

The need is still great and we pray that God’s Precious Children will continue to grow. Won’t you join us? 

Peace and Blessings,

Sarah Hostetter

President of God’s Precious Children