How the Tuition Sponsorship Program works

  1. Choose a student to sponsor.

2. Send annual tuition for your student, with a letter telling them about you and your family. (Make check out to God’s Precious Children).

3. Plan to attend one of our speaking events during the summer to pick up the newest profile of your student and any letters he or she wrote to you.

TSP is a program dedicated to connecting sponsors with destitute children who need an education in Bong County, Liberia. TSP not only pays a child’s tuition fees, but creates a supportive relationship between donor and student. Sponsors can choose to support a child for a single year, or can support them until high school graduation. 

Each year, sponsors receive an updated photo and profile with details of your students’ favorite hobbies, favorite school subjects, prayer requests, and a letter. Sometimes your student is not able to write a letter because of lack of material, or their letter came in after we left the country.

Tuition for each student is paid once yearly by our sponsors, and the cost varies based on grade level and school:

  • Elementary: ~$65 (per year)
  • Middle School: ~$85 (per year)
  • High School: ~$120 (per year)
  • Tuition is capped at $150 Max (per year)